How to Become a Coding Teacher?

Learning and teaching to code were considered nerdy jobs only performed by engineers and individuals from technical backgrounds. But with the popularity of the internet and a growing number of user-friendly coding platforms, anyone from even a non-technical background can learn and teach coding.  There is a growing popularity of coding among learners in the […]

What is Flip? How Teachers can use it to enhance Teaching learning Process

A classroom consists of students with different cognitive or learning styles. In a diverse environment, digital educational tools can help bridge the communication gaps between teachers and students. One such app that makes the classroom more accessible and interactive to even the most introverted students is Flip. Flip(formerly known as. Flipgrid) is an excellent video-based […]

8 Productivity Enhancement Tools for Teachers

Teachers are multitaskers. Their job is not limited to instructing but it involves grading, lesson planning and even filling administrative roles. Staying productive while multitasking during the day can become overwhelming. Due to this, a lot of teachers procrastinate their tasks until the last minute.  But you don’t need to delay your tasks as a […]

How do Online Teachers Make Money?

Sitting in the comfort of your home office and yet getting a lucrative salary sounds fictitious to our ears. But this is not fiction anymore. Millions of teachers earn handsome salaries by teaching online nowadays. If you are thinking about making a switch to online teaching and are curious about how online teachers earn money, […]

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